Monday, 4 March 2013

Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 SDK - Error trying to update boot image

Long time, no post.

Expect a bunch more action on this blog, I'm working on a project that is based on System Center Orchestrator and ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 - as such, I'm writing a custom Orchestrator Integration Pack to contain a bunch of (what I think) are useful actions. Anyway, onto the post...

I have been trying to write an Orchestrator action to inject Drivers into a specified boot image. But hey, that's all detailed in the ConfigMgr SDK right? Well... kind of!

The SDK shows you how to import the driver to the package - However when you run the RefreshPkgSource method of the SMS_BootImagePackage class with the following:
An SMSException is raised, and in the SMS Provider logs you will notice an eror along the lines of: *~*~Null parameter object! ~*~*


So I checked the paramters of the RefreshPkgSource method here - It has a ContextID parameter defined as optional. I then checked the ContextID property of an instance of the SMS_BootImagePackage class, and saw a blank entry. Putting two and two together, it seems it is expecting something other than null to actually run the method.

So I created a Dictionary object to hold the blank parameter instead of specifying a null parameter and YOWZA - success!
Full code is as follows:

Configurations.WQLConnect wql = new Configurations.WQLConnect();
WqlConnectionManager connection = wql.Connect(Credentials.siteServer, Credentials.User, Credentials.Password);
                // Get the boot image package.
                IResultObject bootImagePackage = connection.GetInstance(@"SMS_BootImagePackage.packageId='" + request.Inputs["Boot Image Package ID"].AsString() + "'");

                // Get the driver.
                IResultObject driver = connection.GetInstance("SMS_Driver.CI_ID=" + request.Inputs["Driver CI"].AsString());

                // Get the drivers that are referenced by the package.
                List referencedDrivers = bootImagePackage.GetArrayItems("ReferencedDrivers");

                // Create and populate an embedded SMS_Driver_Details. This is added to the ReferencedDrivers array.
                IResultObject driverDetails = connection.CreateEmbeddedObjectInstance("SMS_Driver_Details");

                driverDetails["ID"].IntegerValue = request.Inputs["Driver CI"].AsInt32();
                driverDetails["SourcePath"].StringValue = driver["ContentSourcePath"].StringValue;

                // Add the driver details to the array.

                // Add the array to the boot image package.
                bootImagePackage.SetArrayItems("ReferencedDrivers", referencedDrivers);
                // Commit the changes.
                Dictionary inParams = new Dictionary();
                inParams.Add("ContextID", "");

                IResultObject result = bootImagePackage.ExecuteMethod("RefreshPkgSource", inParams);

Hope that helps someone, and saves you a little bit of time!

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